Wreath Making

I started making my own wreaths about 5 years ago and every year they improve. I think I have mastered the technique and thought I would shoot for making a star wreath this year to shine on the house all winter.  I Love winter so much, I am always looking for and creating a shiny beautiful twinkle somewhere. The process was a bit tricky but It looks great wrapped in the lights.  It is not big enough so I just ordered a 30″, hoping it will be visible from the road!


Reading material!!!

I received steve jobs’ biography for christmas and coming from a woman who loves her zen and her ipad it is a must read…. every person who owns and utilizes a computer on a daily basis should learn the history of your machines.   What a world They lived in.  Image

More often…… Or not


I blog a post with total confidence i will do it again tomorrow But…  Here i am looking at this last blog post and my daughter has nearly doubled in size.  Today i write tomorrow i may not but lets focus on right here right now.  

On a completely unrelated note.  I grabbed this book at the library the other day completely on a quick thought that it may be interesting. I want to start a shop i am not a business minded person right now so i guess i start here with this book. It is a quick quick read.  Maybe hence the title.    It is old and it talks about the 911 system just being introduced.  Old books rock!!


There is no place like….studio

Image..i came home today from a shorter visit to NH that was just, let’s say so INSPIRING spiritually. I did bring a project of making a continuous bias strip.  i haven’t  tried it in awhile and the piece of fabric is huge so I hope I can line it all up and cut away i guess if worst comes to worst i cut strips and sew them together  BOO!   but i walked into the studio and it smelled so good.  i don’t even know what but I can’t wait to get in there, expecially with my little BF!  someday she will be my partner in sewing.  if she wants too..until then…so many projects sew little time…

Eli Helman prints

391310_478511338852820_873247617_nEvery year on Memorial Day weekend the Virtu Art Festival is held in the Wilcox Park in Westerly , RI.  My home state.  I met Eli Helman, an amazing artist who works with pen and paper.  I bought three prints for each bedroom. Check out his site. http://elihelman.com/

Serger project 2


Here is another chop chop of the skirt. I thought i liked the green on the bottom but i didnt and it was too long.  My legs are super short, i look funny in small things…rolled hem again.  Its not difficult or very creative but looks super cute too me….this one may be a wee bitt short but good for the beach over the bathing suit because thats where i will be found, on the beach….the fabric is so soft and light.  I saved all the pieces to make a little something for my three year old.  But i must complete all vacation projects first…

Serger project 1


this is my third try at this post.  So short and sweet It will be   I had this big dorky but comfystrtchy prana skirt from pregnancy 2.  I am back to my normal parts of me tiny size and it needed a choppin….so a few inches of the bottom a couple inches off the side. I serged the side seams, roll hemmed the bottom and i love it… Awesome.  I need beach wear, im headed there in a few weeks and from home i am staring at snow…no desire to shop just going to make everything with this new fantastic toy santa dropped off…sure do love him..

i didnt think to photograph this until after i ahd already cut..sorry but you get the idea…not so cute to cute..love love the rolled hem..


have a friend who has been spending the last few years utilizing materials from an old barn.  The barn belongs to his new family as he was married a few years ago as well.  He has been working with wood since his high school years and now he has taken his skills to a whole new level.  He is an inspiration to be around.   We all hope this is only the beginning of   *American Revolution Design*.  check him out at http://www.KEVINTRAVERSDESIGN.com.

He recently joined a studio trail around our community and asked me to design him some flyers. Here is the flyer and  Check out HOPARTS.org as well.

and..that is one of his sculptures….